Maximum Entropy

The hub of maximum-entropy null models
for network randomization

by Matteo Bruno, Emiliano Marchese and Nicolò Vallarano,

Language: python(>=3.5)
Last update: February 2021
Networks: monopartite: undirected, directed, weighted, directed AND weighted;
bipartite undirected
Null models: UBCM, DBCM, BiCM, UECM, DECM, CReM
Papers: Vallarano et al. (2021),
Notes: the BiCM contains also the validated projection described in Saracco et al. NPJ (2017) and it is taken from bicm 2.0

Network Entropy Maximization,
a Toolbox Running On PYthon

NEMtropy is a Maximum-Entropy toolbox for networks, released as a python3 module.

NEMtropy provides the user with a state-of-the-art solver for a diverse range of Maximum-Entropy network models derived from the ERGM family. This module allows you to solve the desired model and generate an ensemble of randomized graphs starting from an initial network.